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What is the Best Brand of Washing Machine?

!±8± What is the Best Brand of Washing Machine?

When looking for a new washing machine, the first thing you will ask is "what is the best brand of washing machine?" Today, there is a plethora of washing machine brands that are available in the market. Choosing the best one might seem like a colossal job. It is like finding a needle in a stack of hay.

There are a lot of good brands out there. LG, Samsung, Haier and Maytag are some of the household names in the US. Miele washers are more popular in the UK. Other brands like Kenmore, GE and Whirlpool closely follow in popularity.

If your definition of the best brand of washer is a washer brand that always delivers quality products in its best and most durable state, you are going to be disappointed. All these brands, no matter how good they all are, also fail in some terms. There are going to be customers that are bound to experience faults and failures in these washers.

A vigilant consumer does not look for brand name alone, though this is a good starting point. If you are to concentrate on one brand for starters, you should look for a brand with a good and solid track record. That is to say, they have been in this industry for quite some time now and they have generally pleasant reviews. Some of the washer brands that are deemed the best by general reviews are LG, Samsung, Maytag and Miele.

LG and Samsung are two Korean brands that have penetrated the US market. They are better known for their forward and cutting-edge technology. The latest washers of LG offers direct drive motor technology. This technology solves the problem of washer break downs. When a washer with direct drive motor spins, fewer parts are moving. Because of this, it does not wear out easily. In comparison to other models, the spin cycle might cause other parts to come loose and to deteriorate quickly. This is why LG washers are usually considered some of the most durable washers.

For quite washing techniques, Samsung also produces the best. With its new Vibration reduction technology, you can wash clothes loaded unevenly, without the noise and vibration problems.

Maytag's top load washers are considered the best. Not only is its capacity quite big for a large family but these washers can rival the efficiency of its front loading counterparts. Miele is the most popular brand of washer in the UK mainly because it gives its users less problems. It does not easily break and does a great laundry cleaning job.

The brand of washer you are going to choose will depend on your clothes washing needs. So, be more aware of the good brands out there and find out which one can solve your washer needs.

What is the Best Brand of Washing Machine?

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